Kidz-on-the-Coast-_-BeachOn the Coast publications offers affordable advertising rates for full colour, glossy advertisements. Our magazines are A4 in size providing generous size adverts and value for money.

Packages are available for ongoing advertising with the inclusion of free editorial space to further promote your business. Contact us for a media kit.

Targeted distribution

A carefully targeted distribution of 20,000 magazines bi-monthly for On the Coast – Families,  15,000 magazines bi-monthly for On the Coast – Over 55 over the entire Central Coast, ensures that you will be reaching your desired audience by advertising in the magazine.

For an image that displays the entire distribution area for the our magazines, click the button below.

Distribution Area

On the Coast – Families  magazine deadlines

 Booking deadline: 8/1/20

 Material  deadline: 14/1/20

Booking deadline: 8/3/20

Material  deadline: 14/3/20

Booking deadline: 8/5/20

 Material  deadline: 14/5/20

Booking deadline: 8/7/20

Material  deadline: 14/7/20

Booking deadline: 8/9/20

 Material  deadline: 14/11/20

On the Coast – Over 55 magazine deadlines

Booking deadline: 8/12/19

Material  deadline: 14/12/19

Booking deadline: 8/2/20

Material  deadline: 14/2/20

Booking deadline: 8/4/20

Material  deadline: 14/4/20

Booking deadline: 8/6/20

Material  deadline: 14/6/20


Supplying artworks

On the Coast Publications will create artwork for a minimal, one-off cost. However, if  you are supplying your own artwork please supply high resolution CMYK pdf, preferably created in Indesign.

Checking artwork

Suppliers of digital advertising are responsible for ensuring that all information is correct  and checking the quality and integrity of their files before submitting to them to us.

NB: We cannot take responsibility for accurate reproduction of advertisements if; PDF files are compressed, type size is below 9 points and reversed, type has been created in Photoshop.

More information

If you are interested in advertising your business in one of our publications, or require further information, be sure to contact us.