Daily achievements measured by meaningful Engagement with Children


Family Day Care offers a unique service to children and their families. As an early childhood professional working in Family Day Care, I love the bonds that are formed with the children and families in my care. Having worked in many different types of childcare environments I can honestly say that the relationships formed in family day care are stronger than other types of services. The children have become part of my own family and I love that they are educated and cared for in a home environment. Every day is different, with opportunities and challenges, inspiring moments and small set-backs. The sense of achievement I gain through developing meaningful engagements with children makes it all worth it.

Some aspects of my day are routine and predictable; transitions, nappy changing, meal times, rest time, school drop off and pick ups. Some aspects are unique to each day; time spent observing children absorbed in play or comforting an unsettled children, cleaning up unexpected mess or supporting and listening to parents.

The one consistent aspect of being a Family Day Care Educator is providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can reach their full potential. 

Proudly working as a Family Day Care Educator registered with Coastwide Family Day Care. 1300 COASTWIDE.

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