Active kids? Ball loving kids? Then Ready Steady Go Kids is for you

by LukeAdmin

With 10 sports taught across 2 terms, the kids never get bored. They are always challenged with something new and exciting. 

Some kids find sport comes naturally to them, and others struggle to find something that suits them. This is the reason we started ready steady go kids on the coast. To give all preschool aged children an opportunity to participate in sport in a friendly, fun filled, non-competitive environment whilst trying new things. 

Classes start from 18 months old. These Get Ready classes are filled with activities that toddlers can explore and get their first taste of sporting skills in a semi structured class where all modified equipment for the littlies is used.

As the kids get older, we move to a structured class where they learn all the basics of each sport and they also get to test their ability on our agility circuits. Lots of hitting, kicking, running, throwing, catching, balancing, swerving, thinking, sharing, turn taking and listening are all a part of our classes.

Our program is progressive, which means as your child gets older the skills get progressively harder and more challenging. Our school readiness GO class is great for kids starting school the next year. We teach all the sports that they will learn at school, the best part is your child will already know the basics when they get there and are a step ahead of kids who haven’t done our classes. 

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