Are you tired of thinking about what to have to dinner?

by LukeAdmin

Are you sick of having to make everything and clean up afterwards? Well, your magic fairies have arrived! Megan and Marty Bowden from Activate Foods at Erina create healthy and delicious family sized meals to take the edge off your dinner time frustrations.

With a young family themselves, Megan and Marty understand the pressure parents are under everyday trying to juggle work, kids, after school activities and keeping the house in order. (Where do these super parents find the time??) There’s nothing worse than piling through the door at 5.30pm and not knowing what everyone is going to have dinner let alone what you’ve got in the house to cook.

This was the problem Activate Foods was born to solve! You can have a healthy and delicious meal ready and waiting for you or the whole family that takes next to no time to prepare. Imagine popping a family sized lasagne in the oven before you leave for sport practice and having the smell of melting cheese welcome you back in the door (yum!. Dinner is on the table 10 minutes later and it only took you 1 minute of work!

The local team has a rotating menu of meals and you can choose between fresh single serve meals to keep in the fridge for the week (perfect for lunch on–the–go) or frozen options to have ready and waiting when you get caught out unprepared. And good news for those with dietary requirements, they cater for gluten free, low carb, dairy free and have plant based meals too.

They’re not like a regular meal company you may have tried before, they make just about everything from scratch in their Erina kitchen and retail store. They’re completely local and the difference is their meals taste home made – they taste like real food because they’re made with fresh ingredients. There are no pre made sauces full of salt, sugar and additives, just house made spice mixes, curry pastes and broths. The team keep all the goodness in your meals for you to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the menu to find out what you could be eating next week at or pop in to their Erina store 7 days a week at 222 The Entrance Rd.


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