Central Coast Residents Rally to Save Beloved Dog Beach from Council’s Closure Plans

by LukeAdmin

With placards and a lot of passion, the residents of Saratoga, Davistown,Yattalunga and beyond will gather to protest the Central Coast Council’s proposed shutting down of the dog beach, a vital part of the community’s social tapestry, a place where locals and their dogs can meet and connect.

Council are trying to shut down the dog park in a misguided attempt to protect a bird which has never nested, roosted or bred at this site. Three environmental reports have confirmed this. 

The locals have a petition with over 3000 signatures. By the council’s own figures (after the first round of submissions) 81.6% of people are against the decommissioning of this dog park and this number continues to grow. 

The Council have adjusted their position a little, but  they still plan on taking away beach access for people and their dogs. This will have a profound effect on people who use the park on a daily basis. For many who access with wheelchairs and mobility aids these changes mean they will no longer be able to access the beach at all and Council will be indirectly discriminating against people with disabilities and the elderly as a result.

Despite the obvious opposition from the locals, plus no ecological evidence to justify their proposed decision, the Council seems determined to continue with their plans. 

When: Sunday, September 10th at 11.30am;

Where: Pippi Point, Illoura Reserve, Davistown – see Google Map in this link;

Why: Hundreds of dogs and their owners ages 0-90 will gather with placards and passion to peacefully protest against unjust Council proposed closure of beloved dog park. 

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