Central Coast Women Celebrate Yoga Teaching Milestone at Rainbows Reach Retreat

by LukeAdmin

A new wave 22 Yoga Teachers celebrate completing their final assessments together in November at Rainbows Reach Retreat, Awabakal Country, Wyee NSW Australia.

What a year it has been for this group of inspirational women from all walks and stages of life, who all have just joyfully completed their Diplomas of Yoga Teaching together. Their year long yoga journey, cumulated with a celebratory Yoga Retreat Weekend completing their final round of teaching assessments at Rainbows Reach Retreat in Wyee, Awabakal Country NSW.

“It’s been a privilege to walk alongside everyone in this year’s Yoga Teacher Training. To see them further develop their personal practice, connect to the philosophy of yoga and blossom into confident teachers – has been incredible!” Sarah Dunn, Yogic Wisdom teacher and founder of Balanced You.

So, what about all those people who say they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga?

These Yoga teachers, have followed the Krishnamacharya yoga teachings, who is often referred to as the father of modern yoga, saying “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!”

“And this is true, the simple act of conscious breathing, you are doing yoga. As teachers of this linage of yoga, we believe in coming to the matt uniquely as you are. Designing yoga classes to fit the person, not the person to fit the yoga. While many come to yoga for the physical gains, the benefits run much deeper. Hatha yoga classes are a moving meditation, where the breath wraps safely and consciously around each asana (posture).” Kym McDonald, Owner and Principal Yogic Wisdom.

In the fullness of modern life, conscious moments of pause, reflection and mindfulness are vital evermore. Which is likely why we’ve seen such an increase in mindful practices across our communities in recent years – and it’s of great benefit to everyone.

“This yoga journey has made me a better person in every aspect of my life. I’m beyond grateful for what it’s given me and my family, and for the supportive local community of yogis it has connected me too. I’m so proud of us all.” Kate Long, Yoga Teacher graduate.

Yogic Wisdom offers Yoga Classes, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Training, to the Central Coast and Newcastle communities. Visit www.yogicwisdom.com.au for more information. Enrolments are open now for the 2024 Yoga Teacher Training.

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