Summer style amid a La Nina

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by Sam & Jordi Woods

Most of Australia; but predominately the East Coast of Australia are currently experiencing the effects of this season’s La Nina weather pattern.

A La Nina often brings strong winds, cooler temperatures and copious amounts of rain. As a La Nina is predicted to stick around for a majority of Summer, that is going to influence how we wear our fashion for the season ahead!

Some days we will be able to embrace the warmth and sunshine, but others will be cool and wet…So how do you achieve a summer style while keeping warm and comfortable during a La Nina?

Styling to try:

  • Opt for light layers like a cami, singlet or tank worn under a cotton blazer or linen shirt, a tee under a sundress, a linen shirt under a denim jacket. Styling in this manner means you can “un-layer” and still have a wearable outfit if you get warm.
  • Style a lightweight shirtdress (this is a button thru dress style) as a long line over shirt by unbuttoning it and wearing it open over your outfit.
  • Opt for a light coloured ankle boot or sneaker as they will keep your feet warmer than an open toe sandal or slide. Wearing a thin socket in closed in shoes can also add extra “hidden” warmth.
  • A crochet or lace kimono is a functional fashion accessory this season as it will not only add warmth, it will add texture and interest to your outfit.
  • Add a neck tie when wearing cut away tops to add warmth to the décolletage.

Styling to avoid:

  • Wearing a summer dress with a heavy winter coat. A linen blazer is a great alternative over a summer dress as it will be appropriate to the season.
  • Heavy winter knits. Instead, invest in some light weight summer cotton blend knitwear.
  • Beanies. Instead opt for the new season bucket hat, cap or festival hat.
  • Woollen scarves. Try accessorising with a lightweight silk neck tie or linen scarf.

TIP. When it comes to summer styling on cooler days a great way to feel “summery” is mix your neutrals with floral prints, new season colour and statement accessories.

We hope these styling tips help you feel fabulous no matter what weather comes your way!

Vibrantly yours, Sam & Jordi Woods x

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