Revolutionary Online Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program: Empowering Women Globally

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Helping more Coasties bounce back from Breast Cancer

Bounce Back from Breast Cancer (BBFBC) is a premier online program founded by leading Cancer Rehabilitation OT, Kate Perkins. Women around the globe can now recover from breast cancer faster, stronger and full of energy from the comfort of their homes, following the launch of revolutionary guided online breast cancer rehabilitation program Bounce Back from Breast Cancer.

Central Coast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist and Occupational Therapist, Kate Perkins, witnessed the struggle of many of her patients to access onsite cancer recovery services during COVID–19 isolation and vowed to help as many women as possible by developing a ground breaking new program.

With a mission to support women in their journey to reclaim their physical and emotional wellbeing post–treatment, BBFBC offers a holistic and personalised approach to recovery.

“Our approach is evidence–based and extremely personalised, which is what makes it so powerful and unique. Participants experience increased energy levels, improved posture, correct movement patterns and optimal lymphatic function. It’s so rewarding to see so many women come out the other end of their treatment stronger than before their diagnosis.” explains founder Kate Perkins.

BBFBC leverages contemporary research and best practice methods to deliver bespoke rehabilitation plans that cater to the unique needs of each participant. This integrated approach ensures that recovery’s physical, emotional, and psychological aspects are addressed, facilitating a comprehensive healing journey.

Kate, the founder of Bounce Back From Breast Cancer Online Program (BBFBC), is a renowned professional in breast cancer rehabilitation. With her extensive experience and empathy, she has dedicated her career to helping women reclaim their lives post–treatment. Her deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by breast cancer survivors fuels her passion for providing personalised, holistic rehabilitation programs that cover physical therapy, nutritional guidance, and psychosocial counselling.

“I have always known there are women who just don’t have access to the type of services I provide and find it very difficult to recover from cancer treatment, with loss of strength, movement and energy,” says Perkins.

“Cancer patients are a particularly at–risk group and many struggle to access regular onsite rehabilitation services, which made me even more determined to help women wherever they are and whatever their circumstance, so that every woman has the best chance of a full and fast recovery.”

What sets BBFBC apart is their dedication and commitment to their participants. Their expert team of healthcare professionals have an in–depth understanding of breast cancer survivors’ specific challenges. They strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment where women can rebuild their strength and confidence.

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