Central Coast Council Champions Water Conservation with ‘Water Night’ Initiative During National Water Week 2023

by LukeAdmin

Central Coast Council has partnered with the Water Conservancy to promote Water Night this National Water Week 16-22 October 2023.

Water Night is a national event that occurs every year during National Water Week. The aim of the night is to help raise awareness of how often we use tap water in Australia.

Director of Water and Sewer Jamie Loader said the aim was to encourage the community to become more conscious of their water usage and to increase education, understanding and sustainability efforts to help conserve our most precious resource – water.

“Similar to Earth Hour, Water Night is a symbolic event that takes place during National Water Week. We are encouraging everyone across the Central Coast to not use their taps from 5pm to 10pm on Thursday 19 October 2023.

“A leaky tap can waste 12,000 litres of water per year. Costing you money and wasting precious water. We are encouraging participating households to check if they have a leaking tap by seeing if your water meter runs during Water Night.  

Central Coast Council Administrator Rik Hart encouraged the community to sign up and take part in Water Night.

“It is important we save every drop by each using a maximum of 150 litres of water per day and taking part in initiatives like Water Night.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to do their bit in conserving water. Households wanting to participate can sign up via The Water Conservancy Website.”

To sign up for Water Night go to waternight.com.au.

For tips on how to conserve water around your household or business, go to lovewater.centralcoast.nsw.gov.au.

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