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By Sam & Jordi Woods – VIBRANT CONCEPTS

As a Stylist and Colour Analyst I have helped many of my clients “go grey” successfully and with confidence. Now it is my turn…

When I started this process 9 months ago (thanks Covid for the push!) I really didn’t know what to expect (neither did many of my clients it seemed). Therefore, when so many of my client’s started to take interest in my “grey progression” I started an Instagram page called “GoGreyTheStylistWay” to document my journey and hopefully inspire others who were wanting to do the same but not sure how. The most wonderful thing from doing this is, I have found my page is not just helping others embrace going grey but it has become a place of inspiration for all things “age positive”!

This article I am sharing exerts from my Instagram page that include; colour and style tips, realisations and personal experiences from my “going grey the stylists way!” journey so far. 

Let me start with saying it is taking determination, savvy styling and guts to go grey! There, how is that for honesty? Well read on…

A personal experience
A client came to our studio in the early days of my “regrowth” and when I told her I was not colouring my regrowth on purpose, in the nicest possible way (not meaning to offend me at all) she commented, “you know it will make you look older”. I so respected her honesty and we had a lovely discussion around the choices women should feel free to make around ageing. It was a confronting experience and if I wasn’t a Stylist by profession I am sure this comment would have really knocked my confidence and made me doubt my decision to let Mother Nature do her thing. However, I looked at it like this…just as I respect some people’s decision to want to use Botox and fillers where I have never wanted to, I also respect “going grey” may not be how other’s wish to present themselves. Therefore, it could be confusing to someone as to why I would choose to. 

Therefore, me being the determined and nurturing personality I am, this “going grey” journey I am taking has made me even more passionate to be a role model and a support person for women who want to to stop dyeing their hair too. In addition I am also passionate to do my bit in helping to remove any negative stigmas and pressure around ageing.

Attitude is everything!

  • If you think you look old and frumpy “going grey”, you will feel it.
    Change that mindset to thinking you look funky and empowered and watch the instant change in how you see yourself.
  • “I can’t go grey my hair won’t look any good” – Client says  Well it probably won’t in the process but…it is only hair! It shouldn’t define us. If you want to stop dying your hair (like I wanted to and Covid just gave me a head start– no pun intended) there is no easy way for anyone. However, once you make the decision and are committed to doing all you can to feel good in the process, then you will find it so worth the effort. I just love how healthy my hair feels without chemicals, the money I save not colouring and the “natural” colour it is evolving into.

What I have learnt so far in the process is:

  1. You need to be creative with styling your hair
  2. Makeup and dressing nicely helps you feel polished and not like you have let yourself go
  3. Accessories are a great distraction to your regrowth
  4. You have to ignore other’s negative opinions  
  5. You will have “bad hair” days and that is when headscarves and hats are your best “style friend”!

Things I believe you need to have in the process:

  • Patience. It won’t happen over night, it truly is a journey so buckle in for the ride!
  • A great hairdresser who knows how to cut to perfection and style your hair to optimise your regrowth at every stage. I just recently had my hair cut into a fringe to remove some of the «old» colour and let the grey take centre stage! 
  • To know what colours suit you best – warm or cool/high or low contrast. More than ever it is vital to wear your personal best makeup and clothing colours as your “multi colour” head of hair is less forgiving when you surround yourself in colours that don’t compliment and flatter your complexion.
  • A “it is only hair” attitude! Your hair colour doesn’t define the human you are.
  • Awesome brows that compliment your hair colour. 
  • Outfits or accessories that let your personality and style shine brighter than your regrowth!

If you want to go grey or want to feel more confident with grey hair do your research. Google or search on Pinterest grey hair styling for inspiration. Learn from a professional (you know where to find me) what colours compliment you and what makeup hues best enhance your features. Experiment with your wardrobe; giving yourself a style update will make you feel more modern and not more mature as you embrace what is traditionally perceived as an “older woman’s” hair colour.

Finally, don’t forget I am only a click away on Instagram if you want more age positive inspiration, fashion styling ideas and hair and makeup tips at my #GoGreyTheStylistsWay page!

Happy age positive vibes always, Sam x

Understanding styling and fashion is one thing. Having a super-natural flair for making everyday people look incredible is another. Once you’ve met Sam & Jordi Woods, it’s hard not to catch their infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. Through their consultancy ‘VibrantConcepts’, Sam & Jordi have transformed the lives of thousands. Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday at their Style Studio in Erina – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique VC Signature Styling Systems and services that are truly personal and really work! To contact VibrantConcepts phone 0425 221 676.

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