Local Central Coast Wilderness Society Community Group Launch

by LukeAdmin

Environmental advocates on the Central Coast will be given the skills to mobilise for change thanks to an initiative being rolled out by the National Wilderness Society.

The community organising program organisers are launching a Local Central Coast Community Group and will offer free workshops and training courses to teach the skills required to effectively expand the movement.

The Wilderness Society is launching the new team locally, responding to both the unique environmental issues on the Central Coast and a growing support base there. 

Across Australia, there are dozens of Local Wilderness Society Community Organising teams, with 6 in Sydney and 3 in Newcastle. 

“It’s time we had representation on the Central Coast, networking with other Wilderness Society groups all across the country, but representing the issues that matter here”, community organiser Bronwyn Mcdonald said. 

The Wilderness Society’s Community Groups are volunteer-based and locally organised, and the larger National Wilderness Society guides and supports the groups to build capacity in their local communities.

“It’s about getting new people on board and rallying people together for one issue – protecting nature ”

The local groups organise information sessions, run their own workshops, meet politicians, and campaign for the Wilderness Society. In other words, Ms McDonald said, it is about going beyond signing petitions. It’s about learning the skills used to advocate and rally for a central cause. Active, rather than passive support.

Ms McDonald said an empowered, organised community is best poised to accomplish change locally & a successful Central Coast Wilderness Society group will be a welcome addition to the environment movement in the area. 

Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to attend an upcoming online Information Night, the 12th of October, 7 pm-830pm. 

They can also follow the Local Central Coast Community Group on Facebook.

For more information contact: Bronwyn McDonald 0408 477 403

Bronwyn McDonald
Community Organiser Mulubinba Newcastle
21 Gordon Avenue, 
Hamilton,  NSW 2303
0408 477 403

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