Palmers Tours: Celebrating Growth and Exciting New Journeys for 2024

by LukeAdmin

Since taking over as the new owners of Palmers Tours in March 2023, James and Lynne have been to and seen many places throughout this beautiful country we call home.

The past 8 months have been an exceptionally busy and exciting time for all involved, we have travelled all over the country, including travelling to Uluru, Western Australia and Norfolk Island, and we have loved every minute of it. We started the company with a fleet of 1 coach, we now have 4 coaches, and they are on the road all the time. We started in March with 3 staff, and we now have 12 great staff. We are growing every day, and it is such an amazing feeling.

We already have a few amazing trips organised for 2024 and we are preparing for 2025 already, our 2024 tours are starting to be advertised on our social platform, website and through our brochures.

None of this would be at all possible without the support from Phil and Louise in the office, our drivers, our families and especially our passengers.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our passengers for sticking with us and continuing to support us. We have met so many lovely people and are delighted when they return to us for more trips. To our staff and our families, thank you for being on board and taking this ride with us.

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we will be spending our Christmas in Bathurst for our Baubles in Bathurst tour, and we are definitely looking forward to that. We hope to see many new faces in the New Year for all of our upcoming tours

Many thanks
James Ewers & Lynne Essex
Owner Directors – Palmers Tours

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