Spring’s latest trend – Safe style

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by Sam & Jordi Woods


After 30+ years in fashion we would never have thought our next project as Spring comes around would be designing face masks! Nevertheless here we are, all caught in a pandemic and trying desperately to stay safe and healthy.

Normally as a new season hits we are helping our clients update their wardrobes with the latest accessories, “must have” items and trending colours and prints. Well, this Spring nothing but everything has changed…we are still advising clients on all of the usual “style stuff” but in addition we are “styling” what is fast becoming the latest “must have” – the Face Mask!

5 tips to choosing the perfect mask

  • Decide on the style of mask i.e. smooth and contoured or pleated and fuller
  • Ensure the fit is comfortable for your face shape
  • Consider if wearing glasses where your mask sits on the bridge of your nose and cheeks
  • Assess how the mask is fastened to the face. Is elastic or tie a better option for you?
  • Consider the outfits you will be wearing with your mask and choose a colour or print that will compliment most of these items.

To help our clients feel as good as they can through this pandemic we have combined our 30+ years of colour, fashion and style knowledge with local manufacturing business ZBR Zibara to create our unique fashion “hands off ya face” face masks that we feel work with today’s trends and our coastal lifestyle.

After all, if we are going to have to be wearing a face mask we believe we should all feel as confident and stylish as we can.

Trending prints and how to wear them


Take a walk on the wild side in the VC Animal Print. With the perfect balance of both warm and cool hues our print will compliment any skin tone and palette*. Teamed back with your best Neutrals, Black, Brights or Pastels, this mask will have you looking fiercely stylish every time you wear it!
*Suits all palettes when worn according to their low or high contrast recommendations. 

SPOT Print

Make a style statement in the VC Spot Print. This carefully curated, modern version, of a polka dot design lends itself to be styled classically or with a funky twist. Versatile and eye catching your VC Spot Print will give any outfit a “spot of style”!
*Best suits high contrast Winter and Spring palettes. Not suitable for Autumn palettes. Not ideal for Summer palettes however, can be worn if worn if teamed back with low contrast colour combinations.  

LACE Print

The newest of Neutrals. The VC Lace Print epitomises elegance, sophistication and femininity. For those who want a touch of something pretty to compliment their style our printed version of this timeless texture is the perfect choice.
*Suits all palettes when worn according to their low or high contrast recommendations. 


Bohemian inspired, the VC Paisley Print will take your style on an adventure in your own backyard! Coastal hues swirled into a 70’s inspired eclectic mix of paisley and floral, this refreshing print is the perfect style partner to your denim.
*Suits all palettes when worn according to their low or high contrast recommendations.

If you love the look of what we have designed and manufactured here on the Central Coast visit our web site to learn more.

Stay safe, Sam & Jordi xx

Understanding styling and fashion is one thing. Having a super-natural flair for making everyday people look incredible is another. Once you’ve met Sam & Jordi Woods, it’s hard not to catch their infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. Through their consultancy ‘VibrantConcepts’, Sam & Jordi have transformed the lives of thousands. Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday at their Style Studio in Erina – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique VC Signature Styling Systems and services that are truly personal and really work! To contact VibrantConcepts phone 0425 221 676.

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