Stylish Sun Safe Hacks for Embracing Coastal Living

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By Sam & Jordi Woods

These days, many more of us are getting outdoors to socialise, explore, exercise and embrace the beautiful lifestyle our coastal suburbs have to offer.

With a rise on outdoor activities, our time in the elements has increased, therefore, we are exposed to more sun, wind and salt. Exposure to all of these elements can play havoc on our skin, possibly increase premature ageing and in some cases be quite harmful. 

Here at VibrantConcepts, we think ageing is a beautiful privilege and something we embrace, but none of us want to look any older than we really are or damage our health. Therefore, as stylists, we have some skills, tricks and accessories you can use to not only help you look fashionable but keep you sun safe and glowing (in a good way) long after Summer has gone.

Six stylish sun safe hacks

1. Wear a hat
Not only do hats protect your head, face and ears from the sun’s rays, it also helps keep you cool and adds interest to your outfit!

We Love: The “crushable hats” from the VC Style Studio. Perfect to fold up and pop into your handbag so you have sun protection on the go.

2. Apply a little highlighter
Give yourself a natural summer glow by applying a dusting of highlighter to the cheekbones and eyelids. Highlighter will uplift the face and give the appearance of a sun kissed glow.

We Love: To use either our (VC Style Studio) cream pot or powder compact highlighter depending on a client’s skin type and finish they prefer.  

3. Wear SPF under your make up
Protect your skin, add extra moisture and create a soft, smooth finish to your foundation or tinted moisturiser by applying a layer of SPF 50+ Primer as a base. Not only is it an extra barrier protecting you from the sun it can be applied under face powders to add moisture to the complexion.

We Love: A Multi Base Primer (available at the VC Style Studio) – this Primer is non oily, provides a great base for your foundation and gives you 50+ SPF coverage.

4. Wear a neck tie
One spot that we often age quite quickly is our décolletage. To help minimise age spots, sunburn and fine lines in this region, wear a slim silk scarf tied loosely around the neck. It looks chic and protects you a little from sun exposure.

We Love:  The variety of neckties we have personally sourced from our local and OS suppliers in trending colours and prints, available at our Style Studio.

5. Dust your face with a powder 
Want to even out your skin tone without the need for a creamy foundation? A powder is the way to go. The correct powder will even out your skin tone and give a light to medium coverage that will last all day and help eliminate any unwanted oily shine.

We Love: Compact Foundation Powder (available at the VC Style Studio). The reason we love this powder so much is it is available in both warm and cool shades, so the colour matches the complexion perfectly!

6. Apply some lip gloss
Want to create a barely there look but don’t want to wear a lipstick?
Then a lip gloss will be your best friend! It adds a smear of colour and shine to the face without feeling too “made up”.

We Love: “Stay” Gloss with SPF 15 (available at the VC Style Studio) Some glosses can actually burn the lip area so that is why we choose to recommend this gloss. It not only gives a hit of pink to the lips but also will provide some UV protection. 

We hope you find these tips and products helpful and that you enjoy a safe and stylish coastal Summer in this beautiful piece of the world.

Sam & Jordi

Understanding styling and fashion is one thing. Having a super-natural flair for making everyday people look incredible is another. Once you’ve met Sam & Jordi Woods, it’s hard not to catch their infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. Through their consultancy ‘VibrantConcepts’, Sam & Jordi have transformed the lives of thousands. Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday at their Style Studio in Erina – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique VC Signature Styling Systems and services that are truly personal and really work! To contact VibrantConcepts phone 0425 221 676.

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