Teens Host Christmas Feast for Woy Woy Seniors: A Generational Celebration at The Gathering Hub

by LukeAdmin

Meals on Wheels Central Coast Woy Woy Social Group

Celebrating Generations: You Connect Teens Host Festive Christmas Party for Meals on Wheels Central Coast Woy Woy Seniors

In a heart-warming fusion of generations, teenagers from You Connect stepped into the holiday spirit by hosting a joyous Christmas party for Meals on Wheels Central Coast Woy Woy clients at The Gathering Hub this week.

Seven enthusiastic young adults, aged 16 to 20, showcased their hospitality prowess in both front and back-of-house roles during the three-hour luncheon. The collaborative effort between You Connect and Meals on Wheels Central Coast symbolises the merging of the old and young, embodying the spirit of Christmas and fostering a sense of community.

With a philosophy of “From little things, big things grow,” You Connect, a 29-year work placement provider, prepared the teens over the last six weeks for this grand occasion. Their on-the-job training and experience included catering for smaller group functions as a prelude to the larger Christmas celebration, accommodating 14 clients this week.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Baulman, guided and mentored the You Connect team, expressing her pride in their growth throughout the training process. She noted, “It was rewarding to watch these young adults excel in customer service, food preparation, and, most importantly, in creating priceless social interactions with their senior counterparts.”

During the luncheon, attendees were treated to a delightful spread featuring tea and coffee on arrival, a Christmas Ham and Turkey meal, and a decadent Christmas Berry Cheesecake for dessert. The ambiance echoed with the sentiment that, for the young hosts, it felt akin to spending time with grandparents and friends simultaneously.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast, historically reliant on volunteers for meal deliveries and social connections, embraced the volunteer offer from You Connect. Belinda Fidler, STEP Manager for You Connect, emphasised the weeks leading up to the Christmas party as a perfect confidence-building exercise for the group. She highlighted their ability to manage coffee orders, coordinate oven cooking instructions, follow food handling procedures, and create memorable experiences for the senior customers.

The Gathering Hub, situated at the Meals on Wheels Distribution Centre at Tuggerah Business Park, operates as a community restaurant open to small senior groups seeking a luncheon and activity centre combined. Offering a range of activities from a three-course dining experience mixed in with a movie, bingo, corn hole, jewellery making, and arts and crafts, The Gathering Hub exemplifies Meals on Wheels’ commitment to being “More than Just a Meal.” Invitations for 2024 extend to the Central Coast Senior Community to join the Community Restaurant experience and partake in the fun-filled social activities at any of the restaurants now located at Woy Woy, West Gosford, Bateau Bay, Tuggerah, and coming soon in the northern region of the Central Coast.

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