Weekend getaway style essentials

by LukeAdmin

by Sam & Jordi Woods

Now more than ever the exciting weekend escape is trending high on many people’s social calendars. Often these getaways can be last minute or spare of the moment decisions we make when we just want a change of scenery. Therefore, packing can often need to be done in minimal time.

My husband and I have just recently started to travel in our newly purchased camper van so this article is not only written from a Stylist’s point of view, it is also my personal experience of packing for weekend getaways. 

The thing I have learnt in our travels is that they can take us from exercising activities like walking, hiking, bike riding, swimming and kayaking to exploring markets, sight seeing and dining out.

And therein lies the challenge…trying to ensure I have appropriate attire while trying to pack minimal items.  

Below are the “essential” items that I have found useful and the purpose they can serve. I also love to pack fabrics that don’t have to be ironed. Therefore, I love garments that have high percentages of linen and/or silk or fibres that replicate these two natural fibres. 

GOAL: Each item you pack needs to be able to multi task! This is the key to packing minimal items but achieving maximum outfit combinations.

COLOUR TIP:When packing I recommend working with a colour palette that will co-ordinate together. For example: (Base Colours) White, Tan, Olive (Accent Colours) Coral, Turquoise. If adding in print(s), ensure the colours in the print(s) can be worn with your Base and Accent Colours you have packed. 

STYLE TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix your “good” pieces with your more casual  items. A silky blouse can look fabulous “dressed down” with a pair of denim shorts!

Weekend Getaway Style Essentials

Linen or sheer shirt  – looks great worn open over swimmers or buttoned up over shorts by day or with a cami underneath for “dressed up” styling 

Comfortable fashion sneaker will “dress down” less casual items like; floaty dresses and wide leg pants

Maxi or midi dress/skirt – layer with a tee, linen shirt or denim jacket for sight seeing or wear over swimmers for a change from a sarong or shorts. A maxi dress/skirt can also be styled for after dark with some sparkly earrings or necklace

Metallic or beaded sandal/slide – can be worn day or night and a more stylish option to rubber thongs

A silky wrap – can be worn as a scarf or draped around the shoulders and styled into an after five accessory

A statement accessory (or two)–instantly dresses up any outfit and gives your basic pieces some variety and personal style!

Cross body bag– in a neutral colour or a metallic is great to double up for walks and coffee/shopping stops or dinner dates

Crushable hat– I love our fedora style crushable hats we sell at The VC Style Studio. They really do bounce back after being squished into a bag! A hat you love will be a “go to” for those days when you not only need sun protection but are in and out of the water when “beach hair” can be a challenge

Modern sunglasses–the “must have” travel accessory that is both functional, fashionable and will make an instant style statement. Great too for those days when no mascara or makeup is wanted!

Hope these suggestions and tips make your weekend packing just that little bit easier too!

Finally, to quote myself…always remember: “You can never be overdressed, only inappropriately dressed!”

Happy Weekend Getaways! Sam & Jordi xx

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