Central Coast new tourism model is steadfast at year in review

by LukeAdmin

The Coast’s new tourism management model guided by the Destination Management Plan (CCDMP) 2022-25 has helped turn the Central Coast into a $1 billion tourism powerhouse, and the industry is steadfast in their commitment to working with Council to continue driving tourism success at year in review.

The CCDMP 2022-25 deliverables are supported by Council investing $800,000 towards tourism management outcomes as outlined in the plan and delivered through annual Operational Plan budgets, the internal tourism team were also successful in 2022 year in securing an additional $300,000 in grant funding to invest in programs. 

Council’s Tourism Team provides an annual progress report to Council on the actions and outcomes of the CCDMP as well as a general overview on the status of the regional visitor economy.

The CCDMP guides tourism development and destination management for four years with key actions for stakeholder groups including the Central Coast community and tourism operators.

A key success factor for our revitalised tourism model has been the growing recognition for the local tourism industry and our region. Over the 2021/22 period the Central Coast tourism industry in collaboration with Council’s Tourism Team have been recognised as winners in eight industry awards in Australia and on the global stage.

Council Acting Director Community and Recreation Services, Beth Burgess said tourism is an important pillar of the Central Coast economy, one which Council is committed to supporting alongside industry and government.

“Feedback from industry on the CCDMP’s year in review was positive and in support of continuing Council’s current tourism management model,” Ms Burgess said.  “The industry conveyed that the work and activities delivered by Council’s Tourism Team since 2020 have been significantly positive and agreed ongoing collaboration and consultation between industry and government on the direction of tourism and tourism planning was important to them.”

Council Administrator Rik Hart congratulated the resilience of the Central Coast Tourism Industry in navigating their way through a challenging era, to achieve higher yielding visitors – an envious achievement for any destination strategy.

“Council will continue to receive further reports on the progress of the Destination Management Plan, which outlines Council’s shared vision for the Central Coast as having a thriving, connected and supported tourism industry,” Mr Hart said. 

“Central Coast Tourism provides compelling visitor experiences and positions the region as a premier sustainable tourism and lifestyle destination – and maps future actions to get there.”

Take a look at the Central Coast Destination Management Plan, or visit Love Central Coast to find out more information about the tourism industry’s journey and a globally award-winning destination marketing strategy with sustainability at the heart.

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