Alpine Everesting – Climb to Empower

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We are a team of endurance cyclists riding to help close the cancer gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on the Central Coast. Our aim is to raise $80,000 with Tour de Cure.

The Event

We will be riding an Everesting ROAM challenge (400km+, climbing 10,000m elevation in 36 hours) in the Victorian High Country on January 21/22nd 2022. We have recruited a team of 20+ women and 10+ men from QLD, NSW, and Victoria. Only 30 women in the world (9 Australian) have completed a ROAM challenge.

Day 1 – Mt Buffalo repeats x 5 (200km/5200m elevation)

Day 2 – Alpine Classic 250km event (5000m elevation)

The Founders

Erina GP, Dr Elly Warren, and professional coach and triathlete, Bec Hoschke, met in October 2020 on a 900km ride with Tour de Cure. They share a passion for personal challenges, adventure, family and community, as well as the same birthday! To celebrate their birthday, on Feb 18th 2021, they completed an Everesting challenge (cycling to the height of 8848m and 340km in one day) at Taronga Zoo and raised $50,000 for cancer research. Elly works with the Darkinjung community at Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre in Wyong NSW and sees the impacts of cancer on Aboriginal people. Bec and Elly created Alpine Everesting together to continue to raise awareness about this issue and strive for cancer equality, better access, and increased resources.

The Stats

Aboriginal people are 40% more likely to die from cancer than other Australians. Cancer screening rates are 20% lower across all screening programs. Cancer is diagnosed later in the course of illness with more advanced disease, which is harder to cure and there are more complications related to treatment. There is a higher incidence of more fatal cancers (like lung and liver cancer) and higher levels of preventable cancers (eg. those related to smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, obesity, low levels of physical activity and infections such as Hepatitis B and C).

Barriers to cancer screening and care relate to social disadvantage and lack of access to health services. Factors such as financial and transport issues, lower health literacy, more comorbidities, and rural and remoteness all play a part. A range of political, sociocultural and health care system failures are also responsible for the poorer cancer outcomes. Solutions require walking alongside and empowering Aboriginal people, championing their right to self–determination, with Aboriginal leaders driving their own projects for community.

Contingency plan

In the event of extreme weather, natural disaster or Covid 19 related travel barriers, the ROAM challenge will take place on these dates regardless. Team members will map an appropriate route closer to home in line with current restrictions.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer initiative

$80,000 will fund a Cancer Navigator Aboriginal Health Worker position for the Central Coast to provide cultural support throughout the cancer journey from diagnosis through treatment. The health worker will also facilitate group booking celebration days to increase cancer screening rates and promote healthy choices as well as create culturally specific educational resources to help people learn about cancer and healthy lifestyle.

Funds will be allocated through Tour de Cure in an open and transparent way, subject to guidance from Aboriginal leaders and academics. The Alpine Everesting team is in close consultation with Darkinjung leaders on the NSW Central Coast as well as esteemed researchers and leaders from Menzies School of Health Research, Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AHMRC) NSW and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO).


A unique artwork has been created for our Alpine Everesting event by Aboriginal artist, Jodi Shannon. She dedicates this piece to her nephew Beau, who died from leukaemia, aged 5. We have permission to use the painting to custom fundraising items and we will wear it proudly during the event as a specially designed cycling kit. There are swimming costumes, beach towels and stainless steel water bottles in the design for sale through our website.

Media and social media

As part of her 2021 Tour de Cure campaign, Elly produced a series of short videos to share important stories from the Aboriginal community. She interviewed cancer survivors, elders, families and health workers as well as Indigenous academics, Professor Gail Garvey and Dr Tamara Butler, from Menzies School of Health Research. These videos can be viewed on our website Original HD1080p videos are available and can be used after personal correspondence with Elly and permission is obtained.

Bec, Elly and cancer survivor and proud Wirajduri elder, Aunty Moira Fraser featured in Beretts’ Tour de Cure 2021 special on Channel 7 Website: Email: Instagram: @alpineeveresting Facebook: @alpineeveresting

You can kindly make a donation through our website or here:

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