CancerCare Australia Funds First-of-its-Kind 3D Breast Imaging Machine for Central Coast Health District

by LukeAdmin

Photo: East Gosford Rotary and CCLHD team

CancerCare Australia has generously funded a Mammography/Tomosynthesis (MT) machine which is the first of its kind for the Central Coast Local Health District.

CancerCare Australia, a project of the Rotary Club of East Gosford, donated $415,000 to fund a cutting-edge 3D breast imaging machine used to conduct mammograms and diagnostic breast imaging called tomosynthesis which can improve early breast cancer detection and reduce the need for additional, follow up testing.

Dr Rajiv Rattan, Clinical Director, Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, said the donation of the machine, located at Gosford Hospital, will improve access to more comprehensive breast diagnostic services for Central Coast locals.

“Working together with our partner BreastScreen NSW, this ensures equitable access to all patients requiring breast cancer diagnostic imaging in a local setting.” said Dr Rattan.

CancerCare Australia worked with Rotarians across the Central Coast and beyond, raising funds selling Rotary BowelCare testing kits. Vicki de Carle from CancerCare Australia commented, “On discovering that Gosford Hospital did not have this equipment, our members were delighted to make this donation to benefit our Central Coast community. As always, we thank the wider community for supporting Rotary and making this possible.”

Dr Bronwyn Shin, clinical lead for Breast Imaging, added, “As well as carrying out more extensive breast imaging, the MT machine can be used to conduct biopsies and hookwire localisation to improve the care and treatment offering at Gosford Hospital for breast cancer going forward.”

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