Do you want to run your own restaurant?

by LukeAdmin

Photo: Lisa Haymes – The Honest Cook at Origami

Are you an aspiring or experienced entrepreneur whose dream job is owning and operating your own restaurant, but the costs, space and logistics seem way to hard? The Central Coasts leading contemporary Arts & Culture organisation has a 1st of its kind creative Restaurant Residency Program with a call out to all food makers, food stall holders, professional chefs and awesome home cooks and creators to come and live out their restaurant dream.

The Restaurant Residency Program winner will receive a 3 month pop up “restaurant residency” in the soon to launch new venue “Fun Haus Factory Gosford”. The residency will be a space to hone in on cooking passion, build expertise, menu, customer base and experiment with your food as well as growing  your operational skills and business model in a fully supported environment without the cost outlay and risk of starting a new business alone.

The organisation has been piloting food and culture pop ups for 3 years and the “Restaurant Residency” program is a culmination of the experience and feedback from local community foodies. Creative Director Glitta Supernova stating: “We are thrilled to expand on our emerging residencies programming offering food creatives a unique opportunity to invest in their potential. This is a celebration of Coastie food culture. We see Foodmaker’s as creators and explorers, food brings us together and is a passion for the makers and receivers as well as being an immersive experience that connects people. For the Naughty Noodle, food is part of our organisation’s continued evolution and as we continue to lead the way with innovative local solutions to real challenges we face as a community this program is an organic expansion of the creative definition.”

Board Member Juan Iocco adding “Dreams Jobs have been more of a distant dream across this country for some time now as the pandemic forced restaurants to halt indoor dining or even close their doors permanently. The effects of the coronavirus are still being felt by restaurant owners across the country as the industry much like the Arts struggles to reset itself. As innovators and creatures, we have been forced into creating new ways to empower, engage and enliven community to meet the present local challenges as well as open up diversified revenue streams.

This program is calling out to people who can excel at their passion and deliver excellence and we are backing that up with our restaurant startup residency which will enable, engage and kick start those local entrepreneurs as well as increase Gosford night time economy, foot traffic and contemporary options which continue to bring innovation and more positive perception and  1sts  for the region.”

Glitta Supernova interjected, “Food can transcend cultural borders and highlights creativity and ingenuity, this is the 1st of its kind food residency and supports contemporary food practice by championing the experimental, the transitional and the interdisciplinary.  The “Restaurant Residency” program welcomes innovative ideas and bold food projects from a diverse range of voices and is open to individual, collaborative and group proposals from applicants.  Applications close 30th June More information here:


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