GRG Children’s University – a new virtual community for grandparent raising grandchildren families

by LukeAdmin

Central Coast Family Support and the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle are pleased to announce their joint partnership in virtually bringing together a special group of people – grandparents who raise their grandchildren on the Central Coast NSW.

The catalyst:
GRG Children’s University.

Commencing Tuesday 12th May, GRG Children’s University is an online group created and facilitated by CCFSS with support from Children’s University Newcastle, designed to provide activities for the grandchildren to take part in at home and online Monday–Friday.

Behind the scenes at Toronto Zoo, under the sea at Underwater Water World, learning about the way in which water flows in our very own garden; the list is endless.

It’s an opportunity to spark creativity and encourage the fun of learning whilst these families are housebound.

As the children take part, their grandparents fill in their passports to mark the hours spent on each project. At the end of the year, these hours are tallied and each child receives a certificate at the graduation ceremony to celebrate their learning.

This unique opportunity provides not only exciting activities but also provides a community for these children to interact in. With many missing friendships and human interaction, this is a platform to encourage both social interaction and the love of learning.

For many of us, Covid-19 has been a time of additional stress with less time for self-care, meaning electronics and games have featured even more heavily than usual, providing a much needed babysitter for all.

However by speaking the virtual language of the children and providing tech type activities to be involved in, this truly marks the start of a positive new way of looking at electronics.

Safe virtual educational experiences, human interactions online, increased desire to learn and grow.

We invite you to share our story and feature the exciting opportunities which are available for grandparents raising grandchildren families on the Central Coast NSW.

To connect to this service, Grandparent carers can contact:
(02) 4340 1585

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