Kibble Park Place Plan for Central Coast: Revamping Gosford’s Civic Heart

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Council adopted the Kibble Park Place Plan and Kibble Park Concept Plan at this week’s Ordinary September Council meeting, with the next steps to commence design work which takes into account community feedback.

The Kibble Park Place Plan and Concept Plan design project commenced in 2020, with extensive internal and external consultation, however it was then paused due to Council’s financial crisis, as delivery of the Plan was dependent on funding.

Council’s Director Community and Recreation Services, Melanie Smith, said the Plans were re-exhibited this year, and now the community consultation report has been finalised.

“This project is a very important one for the Gosford CBD, as it looks at how Kibble Park can be improved for community use, including more green space. Also, with the construction of the new Gosford Regional Library in Donnison Street now having commenced, the re-design of Kibble Park will complement that new development.”

Ms Smith said Kibble Park is the civic heart of Gosford CBD, with the park widely utilised by local residents for leisure and play, businesses and workers on their lunch breaks and community groups and businesses running events and activations.

She added the Park is in need of an upgrade due to dated infrastructure, to improve safety and functionality for activities and to improve connections to the new Library development and Imperial Centre. The Plan takes into consideration the feedback received during the Safer Cities Her Way project, where participants highlighted feeling unsafe in Kibble Park.

“Given the pause in the project, we revisited the plans to reflect what is achievable – then asked the community for feedback before finalising.”

The Consultation Report includes feedback on a key design recommendation – being the removal of the existing Gosford library.

The community feedback on the removal of the library was split evenly between those in favour (29 per cent) and those opposed (29 per cent, with most responses neutral (42 per cent).

Ms Smith said under the new Plan design, the current library will be replaced with an extended, dedicated turf events space with appropriate services and facilities to host a range of events.

It will also include a dedicated stage space with shelter, storage, and services with appropriate vehicular access.

“A flexible amphitheatre will also be created, with a water cascade to provide visual appeal, wide seating will provide a raised view of the park and space to view concerts and events, and space will be provided for pop up events and stalls along the northern edge,” Ms Smith said.

Council Administrator Rik Hart said he is pleased to see the Kibble Park Place Plan and Kibble Concept Plan again moving ahead.

“With the commencement now of the new Regional Library, across the road from Kibble Park, which will provide an extraordinary facility for Gosford and the wider Central Coast community, we can now really envisage how a redesigned Kibble Park can look.

“The removal of the existing library will increase the green space on this site significantly, which, in light of the extensive accommodation development going on in Gosford CBD, will provide a wonderful open space for residents living in the vicinity.”

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