Nik & Jane’s Furniture

by LukeAdmin

If you’re looking for a good range of furniture locally, and the potential for same day delivery, look no further than Nik and Jane’s Furniture at Erina, in one of the shopping complexes on Karalta Lane.

They’re a friendly local business that has been operating on the Central Coast for twenty–three years, providing a wide range of furniture and bedding options to the local community. They are a highly community minded business that donates any furniture that has been traded into their store to the Coast Shelter and they also like to take care of their senior customers. Nik and Jane refer to these customers as ‘The Legends’, who are warmly welcomed into the store and given a generous discount on their purchases, which keeps them coming back and helps to promote loyalty to a local business. These links to the community make Nik, known as ‘The Negotiator’, an expert in the field after fifty years working in the furniture business, and this means that he is also someone who is valued in the community and furniture business. He brings something unique and personal to the experience for shopping for furniture, and ensures that everyone is helped to find what they need and get it in a timely manner. What stands out about their store as well is that they are one of the Central Coast’s NDIS providers, ensuring that NDIS participants can get the home care packages and furniture they need to live in and access their homes, making them the number one home care package on the Central Coast.

At the beginning of his career, Nik worked at Norman Ross, and then at Waltons, and then worked with Gerry Harvey to open the Harvey Norman Erina store. Nik and Jane’s Furniture and Bedding Express delivers across the Central Coast, Greater Sydney, and Newcastle, with great deals on some of the big brands in the furniture industry, so there is the chance to make savings with this wonderful local business. And, if you’re in the market for a Lazy–Boy, they are the only place to go on the Coast! Most importantly, it is their personalised service, dedication to customers and their integral community spirit that keeps people coming back, resulting in sales across generations, proving that local businesses always look after their customers. It is stores like this one which is a local business with heart – that keeps people coming back for the great service and community spirit that creates a wonderful atmosphere in their store.

Visit their showroom at Erina and explore their wide range of furniture and accessibility products for what you need in your lifestyle and Nik and Jane will be happy to help you with all your daily furniture, bedding, and accessibility needs.

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