Save on rising power costswith window shades

by LukeAdmin

Did you know?
• electricity costs are expected to increase 30% this year after rising 20% in 2022
• “close your blinds” is the top Google answer to “How can I keep my house cool this Summer?”
• most heat gain and loss in your house is through glass windows (10x vs insulated wall).

From shades to shutters, curtains to blinds, your choice of energy efficient window coverings can help lower your energy bills and add style.

“It’s much easier to regulate indoor temperature with window shades” says Peter Anderson, the owner of Premier Shades. “The best way to minimise heat transfer is a well fitted window covering that can stop the transfer of heat in or out of your home and provide shade against harsh sunlight and UV rays”.

What’s the best pick for energy efficiency internally?
Custom made blinds are the most energy efficient. Blinds reflect the heat back out the window, especially if the backing is a light colour like white. In winter a well fitted blind (honeycomb blinds are great for this) will trap air to prevent heat loss.

What about curtains?
Curtains are a great choice for blanketing your windows. Curtains should cover your windows as much as possible at the top and to the floor to prevent heat transfer. Curtains work well in combination with blinds for privacy with extra insulation.

Do shutters help keep out the heat?
When shutters are closed, the air between the shutter and the window remains completely still. This along with the fact they are a custom–made product to perfectly fit within your window frame, makes them a very energy efficient option.

And what about keeping the sun off the glass?
Outdoor window shades and awnings are your best year round defence. Once the sun hits your windows the glass will heat up and radiate inside your home. The best way to stop your glass and home heating up is to add shade on the outside first.

Modern acrylic and mesh fabrics are great at blocking out the heat while allowing some light though. Canvas is full block out and is best for direct sun and heat like the westerly sun in summer.

Does automation help?
Yes! Automated blinds and awnings ensure your windows are covered during the peak heat times. By linking your blinds and awnings to a smartphone app, you can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. You can even operate your blinds remotely when you’re not home!

“While it may seem like over the top technology, motorising your blinds or awnings is straight forward and affordable, with battery powered solutions reducing the cost of installation” says Peter.

Premier Shades products are custom made to your exact measurements, you choose the fabric and style that works best for you. We offer a free in–home consultation service and we can give you options that suit your needs and budget best. Our consultants are trained in solving for light and heat.

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