The Morisset Spinners & Weavers Celebrate Marje’s 99th Birthday

by LukeAdmin

The Morisset Spinners & Weavers, had a lovely Morning Tea/Luncheon for their amazing member Marje Whitbourne.

Marje turned 99 on 15th February and celebrated it with her Family.

We all celebrated on Tuesday, 22nd with her at our meeting at the Salvation Army Hall, Bonnells Bay, and what a wonderful time had by all.

Marje has been a very active member of our group since joining in 1984. (36 years). She is still an active member with the group.


Marje and her Husband Bill, lived at Mannering Park for 55 years. They had 7 Children, 24 x Grandchildren, 38 x Great Grandchildren and now 3 x Great Great Grandchildren. That to all of us, is AMAZING.

Marje joined the Spinners and Weavers when she was living at Mannering Park. She moved to Cooranbong and moved into her home in the village on Christmas Night, 17 years ago. She started loosing her sight from the age of 83 and is a wonder to us all.

She enjoys making things for charity and Ronald McDonald house with all her beanies, cushions and rugs. Marje is now 99 years old, but who would know that when talking or seeing her.

She has won many medals and certificates, over the years with her Spinning, Knitting and all to do with her chosen crafts.

It is always a pleasure to be in Marje’s company.

We wish her all the best, as that is exactly what she deserves. The Morisset Spinners & Weavers

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