Youth homelessness matters on the Central Coast

by LukeAdmin

Ahead of Youth Homelessness Matters Day on Wednesday 20 April, Council is raising awareness around the need for more affordable housing locally and identifying the misconceptions associated with youth homelessness.

On any given night on the Central Coast, there can be up to 70 people sleeping rough, however, youth homelessness is difficult to measure as many young people are not detected until they present to local support services and often considered as ‘hidden homeless’ – couch surfing or sleeping in a car.

With the cost of purchasing or renting a dwelling on the Central Coast rising rapidly, over 24,000 households* in the region are in housing stress, and this is for people that have a place to call home.

Council Acting Director Community and Culture, Glenn Cannard is calling for the community’s support in the development of more affordable housing locally.

“To reduce the number of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, we need to be supporting and creating more affordable housing. This is especially important for young people who are more likely to be employed in entry level positions, on lower incomes, studying, training or casually employed,” Mr Cannard said.

“One of the aims of Council’s Central Coast Affordable and Alternative Housing Strategy (CCA&AHS) is the creation of affordable rental housing, facilitation of affordable and lower cost housing and reducing homelessness.

For Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Council is proud to present the ‘100 little houses’ installation in Kibble Park, Gosford to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing.

The installation comprises 100 little lantern houses, made from sustainable materials. These will illuminate at night using solar powered lights to create a visual spectacle in Kibble Park, Gosford. It will be supported by a display of real-life success stories of young people, who have been supported by local services to gain housing.

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said it’s important that we come together as a community to identify misconceptions associated with homelessness.

“The stories on display at Kibble Park for Youth Homelessness Matters Day will demonstrate how effective, personal support, and safe, affordable housing can dramatically improve a person’s life and create a brighter future,” Mr Hart said.

“There are many technical, financial and social complexities that need to be worked through to develop a long-term solution for homelessness, which includes the need for more affordable housing here on the Coast.

“The best results for complex issues come when local, state and federal governments, residents and the broader community work together.”

The 100 houses installation and story displays will be placed beside Parkhouse in Kibble Park, Gosford from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 April 2022.

Council’s Central Coast Affordable and Alternative Housing Strategy was adopted in April 2019 after extensive community consultation.

Click here to see the Central Coast Affordable and Alternative Housing Strategy.

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