Gosford’s Waterfront: Ready for an Epic Revival

by LukeAdmin

Momentum to revitalise the Gosford waterfront continues to build with the Central Coast community showing resounding support for the concept plan.

Community consultation on the Gosford waterfront revitalisation concept plan closed on 1 December, with thousands of community members right across the region taking the opportunity to view the concept plan, give feedback and make suggestions.

A high level summary of the engagement was presented to Council’s Ordinary Council meeting on 13 December 2022.

Central Coast Council CEO David Farmer said the feedback from our community is clear – they want us to keep moving ahead with the project.

“Over the last six weeks our engagement activities have enabled people to view the proposed concept plan on-line and in person at drop-in sessions. Feedback has been positive, with some terrific suggestions and ideas to further evolve and improve the concept plan.”

Comments supporting the plans include:

  • “The proposed redevelopment gets my vote. As a long term Coastie I feel we really need this as our city grows bigger in every direction. This is a much needed improvement for the Gosford City waterfront area. I also really like the idea of the proposed construction of a new shorter walkway between Gosford and Point Clare.”
  • “Good!!! Develop it asap”
  • “You only need to see all the other Coastal towns that have a thriving and fabulous waterfront precinct to know it can work!”

Mr Farmer said the thousands of community members who provided feedback through Council’s opt in channels indicates a high level of support for the project with an overall 81.5% favourable support level. The statistically valid market research indicated an even higher approval rating of 93% support which demonstrates a clear message that the community supports the Gosford Waterfront Concept Plan and wants the project to proceed.

“It is heartening to see the enthusiastic participation and, as expected, with any city changing, there is also some hesitation about balancing the use of community assets with any private sector involvement in the development. We will now take this rich data and feed it into the next part of the project, which is to start the master planning process and developing the next stage of design detail to enable a NSW Government investment decision.

“Having a mix of entertainment, shopping, dining, maritime services, tourism, residential living, recreation and a significant increase in public spaces is key in creating the revitalised waterfront,” Mr Farmer said.

Comments to inform the more detailed design include

  • “There must be a way to connect the foreshore with the railway station and with the ferry terminal as well. Another train stop? Don’t forget to plant trees!
  • “The Pool building is too closed in and could be more open and with terraces so people can sit and watch. The park area next door could be used better, with more barbecues and some shops instead of on the boardwalk.”
  • “Move the wharf fingers to less impede the opening/view from the stadium to the water.”
  • “The road is a major obstacle to the flow of human energy between the waterfront and the town centre. A lot more pedestrian access is essential or the precinct will always be cut off and struggling Perhaps build a series of arching overpasses incorporating gardens.”

Council Administrator Rik Hart said revitalisation of Gosford waterfront is the catalyst to unlock the Central Coast region’s future economic growth potential.

“People in the region should not have to look to Sydney or Newcastle to access high-quality education, health, recreational, cultural or other services.  A revitalised Gosford waterfront will connect the CBD to the water to unlock the economic and cultural potential of the city and the region, supporting higher order jobs, first class healthcare and education for the region.”

“Council is laying the foundations for the revitalisation of Gosford waterfront, but we are advocating for the NSW Government to deliver the project. Other cities in the Greater Cities Commission Six Cities Region have received funding and support to realise their potential and now it’s our turn. “

Mr Farmer said following the conclusion of the public consultation period, and the report’s presentation to Council’s December meeting, the next steps are to secure government funding to progress the project.

“Council is seeking a commitment from both major parties to fund delivery of the Concept Plan for Gosford waterfront, commencing with a $8.5million contribution to conduct the next stage of work, which is to develop a waterfront masterplan and complete a feasibility analysis and business case.” To view the engagement summary visit: yourvoiceourcoast.com/gosfordwaterfront

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