Dress Up and Feel Good: The Power of Personal Style During Uncertain Times

by LukeAdmin

By Sam & Jordi Woods

At the time of writing this article we are experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic therefore, dealing with isolation, social distancing and adjusting to a “new” normal way of living in both our personal and work lives.

With this disruption can also come the lack of motivation to get dressed each day when we may not have anywhere special to go, and in many cases are house bound for most of our week. With this in mind we thought we would address one of our style beliefs which is…when we dress up, we feel good!

This is something we have proven many times over the years when personally styling clients of all ages and demographics from corporate executives to stay at home mums and retirees. Research also suggests “how you dress effects how you think and feel” and “the strong link between clothing and mood suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low.” 

Hence, in these times of uncertainty or general “lazy days” around the house it can help our mental state and energy levels immensely if we can feel good about ourselves. So how do we do that, when it is so easy to just be slack and slip on any old thing?

We need to get up and dress up!

The point of “dressing up” isn’t to look like you are about to step onto the red carpet, it is about wearing an outfit that requires a little more effort but is still appropriate to the occasion. We believe we need to take a page out of our ancestors book… Our nan (and great nan) applied her “pink diamonds” lip gloss until the day she passed away, we believe her era knew a thing or two about dressing up and feeling good.

FACT: When you put in the extra bit of effort, you look better and when you look better you feel better.

So whether we are still in isolation or just enjoying your days reading books and lounging around home, why not give some of the below tips a try!

Feel good and…

  • Ditch the pyjamas and TRY; a relaxed slouchy pant, comfy tee and loose knit cardigan.
  • Instead of wearing track pants and a sloppy top TRY; a comfy pair of pants teamed back with a knit jumper.
  • When you are running to the shops
    TRY; a pair of jeans with a long sleeve knit and long lined cardigan with some cute sneakers (not exercise joggers) or ankle boots.
  • Swap your slippers for a stylish loafer.
  • Challenge yourself to wear a colour that makes you smile!
  • Apply a spray of your favourite fragrance.
  • Add some radiance to your face with a smear of gloss or a hint of colour to your lips and a sweep of blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  • Get yourself a modern cap or a headband for those bad hair days (and to cover any regrowth)!

So be as fabulous as we can no matter what your day holds and together let’s all…

“Dress Up and Feel Good”.

Vibrantly yours, Sam & Jordi Woods x

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