Much needed Veterinary Clinic headed to the Central Coast

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For the last 12 months our super rescue team have been working on a project which will benefit the animals of the Central Coast. 

Dee Walton and Kim Pickavance from Central Coast Animal Care Facility, Chris Bowden from Claws N Paws, Dr Emetia Cull from West Gosford Vet and Sarah Lufe from Central Coast Community Rescue have joined forces to renovate and re-open the Bateau Bay Vet. Renamed Central Coast Community Vet, this practice will offer affordable vet services to Central Coast residents.

From our experiences from being involved in rescue and the animal care facility, we know there is a real need to help those people struggling to get affordable vet treatment for their beloved animals.

There are countless stories of animal’s desperately needing veterinary treatment, however this treatment is often out of reach as families struggle to meet the day to day cost of living. Central Coast Animal Care Facility receive pleas for help for animals multiple times a week and have often held fundraiser’s for families needing urgent veterinary assistance.

Through these pleas, we have seen first hand the difficulties that families on the Central Coast are facing and unfortunately it is the animals who suffer until the owners can afford the treatment needed. We understand that circumstances beyond these families control are preventing them from seeking out treatment, but we also believe that no animal deserves to be in pain or suffering.  

This is where the concept of a community vet was born. It has been an ongoing project for the past 12 months and we are pleased to announce that as of the 20th April 2020 we have been granted our licence by the Veterinary Practitioners Board which enables us to open our very own Veterinary Clinic named the “Central Coast Community Vet”.

Everyone involved in this project are passionate and committed to bring the Central Coast an affordable clinic to ensure that all families are able to be safe in the knowledge that their treasured furry family member will be able to receive the care required at an affordable rate.

Dee and Kim are the Manager and Assistant Manager at Central Coast Animal Care Facility. The facility last year was named in the top 4 facilities in Australia for their care and work with the animals and each have over 8 years experience in the animal rescue world.

Chris has been involved in rescue for 20 years through her association with Claws N Paws and has always been a voice for the animals in whatever capacity they need. Sarah is the amazing Co-Ordinator of Central Coast Community Rescue and brings with her a wealth of animal behaviour knowledge (and some great photography skills!). Sarah has been involved in rescue for 3 years.

So where to from here? 

Our aim is to help where we can and to do this we need to get up and running fast and this is where you can help.

We have just about finished renovating our new premises which used to be the Bateau Bay Veterinary Clinic at Killarney Vale. But now we need the funds to replace the old outdated and some broken equipment as well as getting some funds to get us off the ground.

This venture is being brought about through our charity, Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue trading as Central Coast Community Vet.

We are a not for profit organisation which means we are totally tax deductible and all donations will receive a tax deductible receipt to claim on your tax return.

We are not about making a profit, we are about helping people help their animals. We are rescuers through and through and our dream is to help as many animals and people as we can and to do this, we need you to help make our dreams come true.

Our target is $65,000.00 and yes, this does sound like a lot of money to raise (and it is) but we are already part of the way there through the generous support of the community and we truly believe we can make this goal. Some of the equipment needed is quite expensive but we need it, the animals need it and as a community, we can bring this all together.

If you would like to make a donation, our account details are listed below. Alternatively, if you are a business owner, work for a community minded business or know someone who is, we have sponsorship packages with exclusive deals, starting from $500. 

Please contact us on 4304 4350 to find out more.
BSB:  062805   ACC:  10353454
Name: Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue

“Always on our minds and forever in our hearts”
Together we can make a difference.


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