Central Coast Council Offers Eco-Friendly Graffiti Removal Kits: Claim Yours Today!

by LukeAdmin

Pictured – Graffiti removal kits are available from all local libraries as well the Gosford and Wyong customer service centres

Residents and businesses are eligible to collect an environmentally friendly graffiti removal kit courtesy of Central Coast Council.

The kits are available from all local libraries as well the Gosford and Wyong customer service centres with each resident and business entitled to one per year.

Each kit contains Soy Safe graffiti removal, protective eyewear, gloves and a scrubbing brush.

Council’s Director of Community and Recreation Services, Melanie Smith, said the free kits are an important part of the graffiti removal strategy.

“Graffiti can be a costly expense to businesses and residents both in time and money. We know that the longer it remains in place the more attention it attracts.

“This is why we encourage the community to use these soy-based kits to remove it as soon as its spotted,” Ms Smith said.

Council Administrator Rik Hart added it is also important that the community continues to report to Council any damage from graffiti to Council buildings and facilities. 

“If you spot graffiti on Council-owned property, use the online reporting tool to let us know. We aim to respond and remove graffiti from Council-owned property within a short timeframe, in line with best practice in graffiti management.”

Key contacts for graffiti management: 
•    Australia Post 13 13 18 
•    Public phone booths- 13 22 03 Telstra damages team
•    Major road signage (Pacific Highway and M1)- Roads and Maritime Service
•    Electrical substations or roadside boxes- Ausgrid
•    Roadside NBN nodes- National Broadband Network 
•    Telegraph poles- Ausgrid
•    Trains, railway stations or railway corridor fencing- Transport NSW
•    Private property such as business signage, private fences, house walls or other damage should be reported to the Police Assistance Line 131 444
•    If you spot someone actively vandalising property or applying graffiti with spray paint or markers, please call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 to lodge a report.
•    Learn more about Council’s response to graffiti

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