Empowering Families: Autism Support and Counselling for Neurodivergent Members

by LukeAdmin
Smiling woman, Natalie Jarvis, the founder of Complete Sense Autism Consulting and Counselling, standing outdoors with a welcoming demeanor, ready to provide support to families with autistic members

At Complete Sense, Autism Consulting and Counselling, the focus is providing support to families with an Autistic member. My name’s Natalie Jarvis and I have worked with Neurodiverse individuals for over a decade now. My passion is working with families to provide a range of autism specific supports from counselling to in–home sessions.

As a neuroaffirming practitioner, I don’t focus on fixing a child or a parent but rather enjoy working with individuals collaboratively to meet their specific needs. One part of my business I love, is getting to know families and finding out where my services can help, seeing the positive aspects of individuals and helping to work with their strengths and provide support. I view being Neurodivergent as a beautiful aspect of an individual’s identity and strive to work with them to help promote independence and self–confidence.

At Complete Sense, I’m a strengths based counsellor and enjoy working with parents in counselling to deal with anxiety, implement different parenting strategies providing emotional support, and dealing with the grief of a life–long diagnosis including the range of emotions involved. I also work with children to provide emotional regulation counselling. This can help them learn to recognise the range of emotions within themselves, what their triggers are and strategies to use when they feel these emotions. I also focus on self–esteem with children and building on the strengths that they already possess.

I provide judgement–free, in–home support and consultation. This includes behaviour and visual support, social stories, discussing a diagnosis with a child to empower the child. I also provide sibling support to help provide strategies for when home may become a bit overwhelming.

My dream has been to start this practice for many years now. As a teacher in an autism specific school, I love working with students however, supporting families was always my passion and in the role of teacher there is no scope to fully provide the support to the family that is needed. I finished my studies in counselling with the sole purpose of opening Complete Sense, ensuring that I was able to spend time working with parents and their children in a range of ways, both in home and in the office on autism specific strategies and supports.

When I am not being a counsellor or a teacher, I am a wife and a mum of two beautiful boys aged 8 and 6. I love being outside and my hobbies include swimming, playing AFL, cricket, and skiing with the family. I love to cook, especially on the BBQ however am a terrible baker. I am also an owner of a Kelpie X called Rusty and a crazy Amazon parrot called Monkey. I was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2011. I love our life here on the Central Coast and look forward to building my business to be able to support as many families with a Neurodivergent family member as possible.

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