The Reading Corner Little Dino Dudes – From Stage to Page: Peter Lee’s Journey to Creating Values-Based Dinosaur Stories for Kids

by LukeAdmin

By Jessica Sanford

Peter Lee was producing large shows and events when the 2020 lock downs and Covid pandemic hit and he was no longer able to do what he loved. However, the time spent at home reignited his other passion – writing and illustrating.

Inspired by his children and grandchildren, Peter wanted to create a series of picture books that aimed to impart gentle early–life lessons on values and respect. The books include stories about colourful dinosaurs and how they navigate the ups and downs of daily life – making mistakes and making amends. The first character Peter created – Bluey, the theropod dinosaur – was motivated by his then six year old son.

Book One in the value series focuses on Honesty and Justice. In the first story, Bluey accidentally breaks a special seashell belonging to one of his friends. He has a choice to make – pretend he doesn’t know how it happened or come clean? In the end, telling the truth makes Bluey feel good in his heart and is appreciated by others too. The second story about Justice sees two little dinos taking something that isn’t theirs. The story focuses on how they can take responsibility for their misstep and do the right thing.

“Soft yet positive encouragement regarding actions and behaviour are demonstrated by those around us and we become a result of the quality and effectiveness of such teaching. The values depicted in these five short stories endorse what we as a society have deemed essential for our moral behaviour, discipline and respect for ourselves and others.”

Also included are colouring pages that can be photocopied and used in class or at home. To follow Book One (Honesty and Justice), Book Two will focus on Determination, Consideration and Love.

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Praise for Little Dino Dudes:
“I read the first story to my class this afternoon and they really enjoyed it! It was at their level, and they picked up the concept of honesty very easily.”

“The virtues of honesty and courage that underpin the story lines instill in children the importance of these character attributes in our building positive relationships with others and ourselves.”

Jessica Sanford is a writer living on the Central Coast. She has a passion for literature and writes fiction and non–fiction. Jessica was the winner of the Wyong Writers’ 2021 Short Story Competition and has also been longlisted for the Furious Fiction prize. She’s currently working on a novel set in rural NSW.

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