SURVIVAL: the next generation of global safety

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A family–run business based in Erina and started more than 30 years ago, SURVIVAL has become a leader in first aid innovation, education and empowerment for individuals and workplaces around the globe.

Led today by the dynamic duo of Mike Tyrrell and Jordan Green, SURVIVAL has evolved to become an international distributor of its leading first aid kits, an innovator in contact–free workplace safety solutions, and continues to enhance health and safety across all aspects of daily life.

From Pet First Aid Kits to SMART Snakebite Solutions, to working from home resources and a free iFirstAid app to keep you safe 24/7, SURVIVAL is dedicated to continue the legacy of its founders, twin brothers Tim and Jerry Tyrrell, for the next three decades and beyond.

CEO Mike Tyrrell says SURVIVAL has always been about more than just first aid products, with the business’ philanthropic focus seeing them giving away more than 50,000 first aid kits and educating countless individuals in proper first aid practices.

“Dad and Jerry set out to empower and protect as many people around the world as possible and help prepare them for any emergency situation,” says Mike.

“We (Jordan and I and the rest of Team SURVIVAL) want to uphold this legacy and deliver on the promise to take first aid tools, resources and education to all corners of the earth to help create a safer world for us all.”

No stranger to overcoming adversity, Mike is a survivor of the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, and has witnessed first–hand the need for first aid education and proper safety tools and practices in all corners of the globe.

“After running for my life to survive the tsunami, I spent the next few days working with other survivors to free people from the debris and help transport anyone who was capable back to safety,” adds Mike.

“This is an experience I will never forget and one which has instilled in me more than ever that we need to all do what we can to enable every individual and community to live happier, safer lives wherever possible.”

Director of Marketing & IT, Jordan Green, is the digital mastermind behind SURVIVAL’s transformation who is ensuring this vision becomes a reality.

“We are continually looking at ways we can make first aid more accessible for more people,” says Jordan.

“We’ve just launched the latest release of our free iFirstAid app, which features step–by–step instructions and educational video resources to guide people through common emergency situations and help them remain calm and in control.

“It also includes international emergency contacts, immunisation records, find my family tracking and direct emergency services notifications, to help keep people safe wherever they are.”
Jordan explains that revolutionary resources such as the iFirstAid app come from constantly listening to customer feedback about how to adapt and improve in the first aid space.

“We are always listening to feedback from our customers and the broader community about how we can grow and develop to best cater for people’s changing first aid needs,” Jordan adds.

“This has helped us adapt to offer PPE and personal safety equipment such as masks and sanitiser to individuals and businesses throughout the COVID–19 pandemic and collaborate with people like former Ironman Guy Leech to encourage the widespread up–take of lifesaving defibrillators.

“It has also led to the development of some of our most popular first aid products including the SMART Snake Bandage and Snake Bite Kit, the SURVIVAL SWAP audit compliance program for workplaces, and most recently, the Pet First Aid Kit to make sure every member of the family is safe and protected.”

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