Why choose multi sports over one sport?

by LukeAdmin

Multi sports give your child the opportunity to use their whole body whilst playing sport, not just one skill set. It allows them to develop all their gross motor skills rather than concentrating on one.

At Ready Steady Go Kids we focus on the basic skills of each sport, and the actions of those skills. These skills are essential in the development of your child, and we love to help assist them in growing their skill set as well as having fun doing it.

During our classes we look at each sport and break it down into skills. An example of this is Rugby. What we do in rugby is practise kicking, run and kicking, drop kicking, passing, catching and try scoring. In Basketball we practise bouncing and catching, passing the ball, dribbling and shooting for baskets. All of these are done in age appropriate classes.

Along with Rugby and Basketball we also do Tennis, Athletics, Golf, Hockey, Afl, T–Ball, Cricket and Soccer. Each fortnight we change the sport, so during a typical term we do 5 sports each term. Each child has their own equipment to use during the class as well.

Imagine a class where your child gets to have fun, gets lots of exercise with our warm up activities, gains a gross motor skill set and challenges themselves with our agility circuits. We have everything your 18months to 6 years old would want.

Our Get Ready class is for 18months to 2.5 years, Steady Class is 2.5 – 4 years and our Go class is for 4 – 6 years (our school readiness program).

At Ready Steady Go Kids we also understand that each child is different and learns at their own pace. Our awesome coaches love to help the kids and watch them grow and succeed in learning something new. They help them through the agility circuits full of balancing, weaving, jumping, hurdling and our crawling tunnel.

The kids also get to be a part of a mini team. They will learn to take turns and get to know each other as well as gaining listening and thinking skills along the way. Our coaches captivate the children and encourage them to learn.

We are a Covid safe business and all our equipment is cleaned between classes, so we make it safe for our members.

The best part about Ready Steady Go Kids is we offer a FREE TRIAL to our classes so you can experience what its like before you join us for the term.

Our classes are run daily at our amazing venues, Breakers Stadium at Terrigal and Charmy Indoor Sports. We run to school terms, so the kids have a mini break during school holidays.

If you think Ready Steady Go Kids is for you then head to our website for more information and to book your trial or spot
www.readysteadygokids.com.au or check out our Facebook/Insta group “ready steady go kids central coast”.


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