Stay Warm and Stylish: Winter Fashion Tips to Avoid Feeling Bulky

by LukeAdmin

by Sam & Jordi Woods

As much as it can be fun to get snuggly in cosy jumpers and layer up with jackets and scarves, the down side of dressing for warmth is it can leave us feeling chunky and bulky. If reaching for your oversized knitwear and pull on leggings is leaving you feeling shapeless, frumpy and fuller in the figure than you are, give some of these tips a try next time you rug up!

1 Don’t wear your clothes too big and baggy!  Always try one size smaller in a fuller style and ensure the shoulder seams are sitting in a flattering position. Some of the new “drop shoulder” style tops and jumpers can add bulk and draw attention to the upper arm. If this happens on your body shape opt for a set in sleeve where the shoulder seam sits on the outer edge of your shoulder.

2 Be true to your colour palette.   If Black does not suit your colour palette then DON’T WEAR IT, it is NOT the most slimming colour on every complexion! The theory that black is the most slimming colour comes from the illusion of art…‘darkness sets back, lightness brings forwards’, however, it does not take into the warmth or coolness, nor the intensity of someone’s complexion and features. Therefore, Black near the face and combined with other colours can on many people be harsh, ageing and create the illusion of fullness.

3 Choose fibres that flatter! Light weight wool is not only warm but also a non bulky option. Layered underneath a cardigan or a jumper it will give loads of snuggly warmth without the loads of bulk! Look for wool mixes in scarves too as they will wear well and drape beautifully. If you cannot wear wool near your skin opt for a similar light weight fibre that can be layered.

4 Invest in a vest!  A lace camisole or slim fitting “singlet” style vest worn next to the body under your winter tops will not only add warmth it will help your clothes sit nicely and not “hug” in the wrong places.

5 Accessorise! It is easy to forget about accessories in Winter when we are dressing for warmth but an accessory can not only be fashionable it can be functional too! Naturally a scarf will keep us warm and add interest to an outfit but don’t under estimate the importance of other accessories in Winter.

The Belt Wearing a belt over a long line cardigan can give shape to your figure. If a belt isn’t for you, try crossing your cardigan or jacket over itself and fasten it with a brooch or pin. This will give shape to your figure without emphasising your waistline or lack of! 🙂 Wearing a belt through your jeans then “half tucking” a jumper in the front to reveal your belt buckle can give a lovely relaxed and flattering look to your silhouette.

Ear Candy  Earrings can add colour to your face and be a lovely focal point when they meet with a high neck jumper or beautiful scarf. A little bit of sparkle near the face is also a great feel good fix when your complexion maybe be feeling a little lack lustre and dry.

Headwear This season headbands, caps, berets and beanies have made a huge comeback. So many benefits other than just looking fabulous…they are awesome for bad hair days and when you really should have washed your hair but didn’t! LOL!!

Until next time,
Stay snuggly and stylish!

Vibrantly yours,
Sam & Jordi. xx

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