Empowering Central Coast Families: 5 Free Apps for Breast Cancer Support

by LukeAdmin

Here are five free apps that can help you navigate through your breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and life beyond. 

With Dr Mary Ling, Central Coast Breast and General Surgeon 

1 Know Your Lemons 
Useful for all women. Did you know that milk lobes feel like soft squishy peas, while a cancerous lump often feels hard and immovable like a lemon seed? Or that dimpling (a tell-tale sign of breast cancer) can be better seen when you lift your arms above your head? This app educates women on the 12 signs of breast cancer using images of lemons, and how to do a thorough breast self-examination with Mona Lisa as your personal coach!

2 The BAPS App Wales 
Useful for anyone with breast cancer requiring surgery and radiotherapy.  Struggle to follow prescribed paper-based exercises? Or maybe you have lost the printout? Designed by physiotherapists, a breast surgeon and breast cancer survivors, this app provides guided post-operative shoulder exercises in a video format. The exercises are designed to reduce the loss of shoulder movement and function, which can delay radiotherapy. 

3 Becca
Useful for anyone who has completed active breast cancer treatment. 
Need tips on how to reconnect with your sexual self after treatment? Or inspiration for healthy meals? This app is your pocket guide to life after breast cancer treatment, providing bite-sized and trusted information on a range of topics including exercise, diet, mindfulness and your “new normal”. 

4 Untire: Beating Cancer Fatigue 
Useful for anyone suffering from cancer-related fatigue. 
For the one in three cancer patients who suffer from fatigue, even buying groceries feels like an impossible feat! Based on scientifically proven methods, this app gives you the tools to reduce cancer-related fatigue through positive tips and reminders and stress reduction exercises. You can track your energy level with the “Vase of Energy”, including factors that fill or empty your vase, and also partner with an anti-fatigue “buddy”.

5 CancerAid
Useful for anyone diagnosed with cancer.  Designed by two Australian cancer specialists, this app allows you to access reliable up-to-date treatment information and connect with others going through similar experiences. The journal feature allows you to record your symptoms and side effects during your treatment to show your doctor, as well as being able to share your progress with nominated friends and family members. 


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