Have you heard of Kindship?

by LukeAdmin

It is Australia’s first social networking app built by and exclusively for parents raising children with disabilities, delays, and neurodiversity. An App that offers mums and dads a safe, private, and fundamentally kind space to connect with and learn from like–minded parents on similar journeys.

The uniqueness of Kindship?
Tara Thompson, a member of the founding team sheds some light on the wonderful uniqueness that Kindship offers families all around Australia.

One of the things that makes Kindship special is our celebration of parent knowledge sharing. We know that our mums and dads spend more time researching than resting, especially in the early days, and want to make finding the right answer easier. You’ll find parents on the app who are successful, compassionate, generous, and oh–so–wise when it comes to first–hand knowledge of important topics.

Kindship is all about bridging the gap of isolation that many parents on a disability parenting journey often face. We want our parents to feel seen, heard and supported by a community of others who just ‘get it’.

There is a little something for everyone on our app.
Audio rooms – We run daily audio rooms with different themes and purposes. Ranging from daily check–ins where parents can hop on for a chat and wellbeing check–in to themed audio rooms that inform, connect and inspire.

Kindship feed – An interactive feed which provides 24/7 support for parents to ask questions, share experiences and offer valuable advice.

Kindship meet ups – Our aim is to have meet ups hosted weekly all around Australia to eliminate the isolation that many parents feel. Face to face connections with an opportunity to form local friendships. Currently a weekly Friday meet up happening on the coast, so hop on the app to find out more!

Chat messaging – Connect with others via our app messaging, options to also create group message threads based on location, diagnosis, and friendships.

Kindship founder story
Kindship’s story started with a passion for parent advocacy and a dream to change the world. Growing up with undiagnosed Autism our CEO, Summer Petrosius, recognised and wanted to do something about the isolation and loneliness experienced by families living with disabilities. So, she started talking to parents – literally, hundreds of them, and those conversations led her to Sandy Golder and Steph Wicks.

As founders of one of (if not, the most) successful grassroots parent communities, Sandy and Steph joined Summer as Kindship’s co–founders. Together with Tara Thompson, Kindship’s head of all things marketing and education (a local Coastie along with Steph), they share an unstoppable passion for supporting parents to build friendships, share knowledge, and truly own the narrative around what raising a child with a disability really looks like.

Join us
If you have a child with a delay or diagnosis or are on your way to getting one, there is no need to go through the journey alone.

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