The Beach Early Learning Centres – promoting the value of childhood

by LukeAdmin

The Beach Early Learning Centres promote the value of childhood at a time when children are curious, capable learners and co-constructors in their life journey. Curiosity in young children is essential because it helps them understand the world around them and supports their learning. 

When we encourage children to be curious they become more observant and think about things and try to figure them out. 

At the Beach Early Learning Centres we see it as absolutely vital in fostering curiosity and encouraging enquiring minds so that children will ask questions and extend their learning.

We believe that early childhood is a unique stage of life. We are committed to the care and individual interests of each child. We believe that we enable this by providing a safe, fun and friendly environment where children can foster and maintain friendships with each other and educators. 

The relationships we build with all children and families influence every single aspect of our centres, from our rostering, right down to what we display and document in our learning spaces.

To us, the relationships we have with our children and families are an important part of our culture and are embedded across our centres, which is why we are able to base every decision we make on how they will affect children.

At the Beach Early Learning Centres we believe that Early childhood is a time for children to discover who they are and how they fit into the world. Essential to this, is the freedom to explore, to be a child and to be protected.

The early years in a child’s life are instrumental so we aim to provide children with opportunities to thrive and wholly participate in learning through guidance, relationships and resources, maximising every child’s potential. These are visible at our centres through an inclusive and respectful framework and open learning environments.

At The Beach Early Learning supporting each child’s individual learning and development is central to the way in which our Directors Emma, Rebecca, Ashleigh and Bec lead the team of Educators to ensure individual needs,interests and strengths are considered, as well as the strong level of cultural diversity in the centre.


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