Embracing Transition: Navigating Life’s Changes with Courage

by LukeAdmin

by Catherine Schasser

TRANSITION. One simple word. Millions of applications.

Infants transitioning from a cot to a bed or bottle to solids.

Young children transitioning from preschool to kindergarten, or as they grow, from Primary to High School. And it’s not only children and adolescents that transition, we adults do too. Think of life stages, careers or relationships. These experiences often once certain, one day become no more. Sometimes planned and catered for and at other times, without warning at all. 

Put simply, transition can be defined as change, with it’s origin meaning to cross-over.

But oh-my. When you’re on that precipice, looking over the edge, the inability to see where you’ll land can cause fear, anxiety and doubt. Indecision begins to run rampant through your mind:

  • Is this the right decision?
  • Are they/we prepared?
  • What if this doesn’t work?

As a friend recently explained, there comes a point of no return. Like a plane flying from Melbourne to Hawaii. Initially, the pilot knows they can turn back should anything go wrong. Until they’re closer to Hawaii than Melbourne. That’s when, even through the cloud filled sky with nothing but open air in sight, they pass the point of no return and must continue toward their original destination. They keep their equipment on target for Hawaii and venture onward.

Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown prevents many of us committing to the very transition that has the power to change our life. 

Transitioning to exercising three times a week.

Transitioning to a toxic-free household.

Transitioning to predictable routines rather than last minute yelling and chaos.

At the time of writing this, my family is transitioning – separately and together. We’re each packing our belongings and moving in different directions. Tears might have been shed, but so too were hugs of excitement and enthusiasm for new beginnings. You see, it wasn’t the physical change that fostered the increased emotions, rather the new stages of life. Children growing up. Relationships taking on new roles. Uncertainty prevailing and curiosity creating a flutterings in the heart and questions yet unable to be answered racing through our minds. This happens when we’re faced with goodbyes to times, memories, places or people.

When you or a loved one next experience change, consider the following:

  • It’s ok to feel happy AND sad at the same time.
  • It’s ok to feel excitement AND nervous at the same time.

“Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. 

Change is external, transition is internal.” 

– William Bridges

Life’s not to meant to be a linear progression from point A-Z, but rather, a bumpy old road full of stops and starts, mountains and valleys, side-streets and freeways. Keep your eyes planted firmly on the direction of your dreams by remembering your why, fill your heart with faith and courage and venture beyond the point of no return.

Who knows where this transition will take you?

Sincerely, Catherine

Catherine is the co-founder of Developing Dreams, a local company ‘empowering children one adult at a time’. This vision is achieved through the educational curriculum at Developing Dreams Early Learning Centre named 2019 Best Small, Private, Regional Centre in NSW, and through coaching programs written and facilitated by Catherine. Email catherine@developingdreams.com.au for further information or to find out how you can be EMPOWERED in your life.

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