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Teenage years are a time in life that have so many exciting new experiences and extra responsibilities, lots of changes physically and emotionally and also, there are a lot of challenges too…

For most, it’s that time in life that as young adults they are experiencing the first time of dealing with stress and pressures as they live a lot of their days at High school – whether this is from lacking self confidence, puberty, obstacles with relationships with peers, juggling homework, assignments and workloads, after school activities along with keeping up with friends and spending time with their families. 

For teens, this can create a lot of overwhelm and they may start to lose their drive, motivation and start to get distracted by the wrong things or influencers.

I’ve had many parents reach out to me over the years in regards to helping their precious young adults.

I understand the difficulties for parents as it can be hard to navigate as typically teens will be teens and not always listen to the advice given…especially from those that love them the most!

Over the years I have coached one on one sessions with young adults and provided them with tools and techniques to help them overcome overwhelm and help build their confidence so they can get their spark back again.

As not all families can afford one on one sessions, I want to make this program available for all young adults on the coast for both boys and girls.

This 6 week after school program will empower young people to feel more confident, empowered to be their true self and manage the overwhelm in their teen years!

Week 1 – What is self love?
Self love, self respect, self worth 

  • Week 2 – ‘Positive thinking’
    Thought bubbles – Helpful thinking compared to unhelpful thinking
  • Teaching teens about mindfulness and physiology 
  • Week 3 – ‘Good habits = Good lives’ 
    Living for today – how to stay focused in the present moment instead of worry about the past or catastrophising the future
  • Teaching teens about how to create good habits 
  • Week 4 – ‘Systems for success’
    Action plan to take control of your choices
  • Teaching teens about organisation and structure – Settling their life up for success.
  • Week 5 – ‘Emotions and Values’
  • The Language we use leads to our emotional responses to situations, your values let us know if you are in alignment with your peers or decisions in life 
  • Week 6 – ‘Positive intentions and Goals’
  • Creating positive goals, learning about ‘SMART’ goals and how to turn goals into actions and how achieving goals creates confidence from within
  • In addition – On the 7th week
  • There will be a celebration and reward day to recognise all that has been achieved, acknowledge and let go of any fears that have been holding you back,
  • And to embrace your new found self love and confidence!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help the next generation of young adults embrace their beautiful uniqueness, stand strong and believe in themselves.

Inspire Change Coaching was created with a vision to help people be the best versions of themselves.

It would be my pleasure to help you or your young adult see how amazing you/they are and provide them with life skills that will set them up for success for the rest of their lives. 

If you would like to know more about my after school program – ‘THRIVE’ or secure a spot.

Please do not hesitate from contacting me on 0432 800 903 or email at kyliebailey@inspirechangecoaching.com.au

You can also follow Inspire Change Coaching on Facebook for regular updates.

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