Triumph Over Trials: A Tribute to Mums & A Roadmap for the New Year

by LukeAdmin

By Catherine Schasser

Ok mums. Let’s take a second to shout out your strength, resilience and commitment. You did it – you’ve made it through two of the most trying years of your life. You deserve a bow…and a bottle of bubbly I’d say!

No parks, school, play dates, lunches with nan and pop and no idea when any of it was going to end! Fears of illness reigned supreme, families and friends were kept a part and identities were challenged as the idea of ‘work roles’ changed.

You’ve been required to adapt your physical routines and increase your emotional capacity. And 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you’ve been with the same little and big people. Unexpectedly. That’s a social experiment in itself.

But you’ve done it. While some mums feel wounded from this experience others feel empowered. Either way, you’re here and deserve a huge high five, hug, massage, 3 course dinner, night away, shower in peace or 3 days of isolation…pardon the pun! I mean 3 days of not answering to, looking after or entertaining others, as opposed to physically distancing. You’ve done great, big ticks to you.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

As you breathe in the new ‘normal’ of reconnection and daily routines, take these lessons learned and use them to propel your life enthusiastically and passionately toward your dreams.

Look what you’ve lived through this year. You now know you can do anything so here’s where you start to replace your fears and frustrations with feeling great. I’m sure you could do with a little more of that, couldn’t you? And what about your children? You want to do everything to show them the best of you while teaching them how to live a happy life…no matter what comes their way. If we’ve learned anything from the last two years, it’s adaptability matters.

“Be willing to change,
Because life won’t stay the same”

You survived 2021 AND 2020 – but now what?
Now you hunker down, taking a few minutes here and there, walks in nature, chats with a professional (or your closest friends) and get excited for the year ahead. Here’s your 5 step roadmap to starting 2022 with enthusiasm, purpose and a ‘can do’ mindset.

AcknowledgE Acknowledging your achievements and your feelings is necessary before you jump into a New Year. Your raw and real emotions don’t disappear because you ignore them. You’ve done hard things, acknowledge it.

BelievE Believing next year can be wonderful will increase your energy levels. Similarly, believing this year had it’s benefits is just as useful. Be deliberate in the thoughts you want to believe because this simple mind hack is a game changer for loving your life.

Choose It’s easier said than done, but you get to choose what you make 2021 mean. Just like writing a novel, story or play, you can retell the narrative of the past through a lens that feels best to you. Do this by focussing on the good parts, like your commitment, resilience, connection, finances, stillness, creativity or resourcefulness.

Design This is the fun part. Let go of your rules and responsibilities for a little while and get designing a year so heart–led, so inspiring, so captivating that it pulls you toward the direction of your dreams. What’s the point of this blessed human life if we’re not living it with purpose and passion?

Evaluate Change doesn’t happen in one moment, rather in the layering of choice after choice. Are the foods you’re choosing making you feel energised or sluggish? Does staying up late make you more or less patient with your children? Does multi tasking benefit your relationships or not? Your evaluation of what’s working in your days and what’s not are the signposts leading toward your inspired year or away from it. Take back control, be intentional and choose wisely.

Your children and you deserve to have a magical New Year – get out there and make it happen! Walk in nature, sign up for the course or the coaching, drink more water, write the song, smile more. It’s always your choice.

Stay wonderful, stay you, but most importantly, stay focussed on your dreams.

Sincerely, Catherine

Catherine Schasser is a qualified Life Coach, NLP practitioner and Early Childhood Teacher, who combines her passion, empathy and experience to empower others. With her friend Kristine, Catherine has created an online membership for women, plus two exceeding early learning centres with one being named NSW Best Small Private Regional Service. Catherine leads the empowerment of mothers and educators in maintaining their mindset to create a life they dream of.

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